This children’s story first appeared in the June 2009 issue of the ezine Stories For Children.

The ant suddenly found he was alone. Somehow he got separated from his friends and didn’t know where they were. He was far from home and wasn’t sure what to do. Then he saw the huge white round object sitting on the grass not far from where he stood. It had spots on it and was tall enough so that he thought if he could climb to the top he might be able to see where his friends went.

He hurried over to it and started his climb. He was fast and it didn’t take him long to reach the top of the ball. Before he could take a good look around he heard the rumble of footsteps approaching. He looked in the direction of the sound and saw a young boy running toward the ball shouting “Vincent shoots!” as the boy’s foot swung toward the ball. The ant braced himself and held on tight as the boy’s foot hit the ball, “whump.”

The ball sailed through the air tumbling this way and that. The ant held on as the ball hit the ground and finally rolled to a stop. The ant was on the side of the ball now, a bit dizzy, but okay. He climbed back to the top of the ball and looked around again. He still couldn’t see his friends, but he did spot a familiar sight. He saw the tree that stood just outside the tunnel that led to his colony’s home. It seemed far away to him. If only he could get to it.

Just then the boy approached the ball again almost ready to give it another kick. The ant stood on his hind legs and began waving his antennas. The boy stopped just as his foot was about to strike the ball. He gave the ant a puzzling look as the ant continued to stand and wave his antennas. Once the ant saw that he had the boy’s attention, he began pointing his antennas toward the tree that stood near his home. The boy looked toward where the ant was pointing and shrugged his shoulders. “Okay,” he said, “I guess that can be the goal.” He took a step back and again shouted “Vincent shoots!” as he aimed for the tree. The ant grabbed on tight as the “whump” sound came again and the ball flew high in the air straight for the tree.

The ant could hear the boy’s voice in the distance shout “He scores!” as the ball struck the tree almost knocking the ant off. As it rolled to a stop close to the tree the ant scurried off the ball and came face to face with his friends. “That’s just like you,” they said, “playing ball while we’re out here working.” The ant just shook his head and thought to himself, “If they only knew.” As he followed his friends to the tunnel that led to their home, he saw the boy running up to the ball. The ant stood again on his hind legs as the boy spotted him. He crossed his antennas in a salute to the boy, and the boy saluted back.

As the ant started down the tunnel, he could hear the boy shouting, “Vincent dribbles the ball down the field,” followed by several “whumps.” The ant smiled to himself as he headed toward the comfort of his home and the company of his friends.

The End


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